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Gallery Name Images Created by
  1945 Sketches of Manadon by Tim Owen  10 Richard Charles Owen
  1960 Long E Members and ME Hydrofoil Project  8 John (Pedro) Dunlop
  Aerial Views of RNEC  7 Kit Reeve
  An RNEC Scrapbook - Rear Admiral J K Robertson  21 John K Robertson
  Historical Archive - 1930s Keyham Foto Album  67 Jock Morrison
  Images of the College  28 Peter Hoe-Richardson
  National Memorial to Royal Naval Engineers  2 Simon Clark
  RNEC Wardroom Pictures  8 Peter Hoe-Richardson
  Shy Talk Reunion 2008  11 Andy Reynolds
  Young Artificer - Ronald Frederick May Born 12 July 24.  Died in Malta 15 Aug 53  1 Kathryn Jackson

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