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Commanding Officers of RNEC (Manadon & Keyham)

The Roster of Commanding Officers charts the emergence of the Naval Engineering Officer Corp at the turn of the 20th Century. Keyham was opened in 1880 and was commanded by seven successive Commanders, all seaman officers. In 1902, the position was made a four stripe post and three more seaman officers (Capt., Rear Adm. & Capt) filled the spot. The first 'Engineer Captain' took the post in 1913 but was succeeded by two more Captain seaman officers. In 1920, the position was once again given to a 'Engineer Captain'. From 1920, it remained a largely Captain (E) post until RNEC Manadon's closure in 1995.   Captain Littlejohns had the distinction of being the first and only Seaman Officer in Command of RNEC Manadon (1992-94)

Name Rank (in nomenclature of the day) Date of Appointment
P A M Thomas Captain 5 July 1994
B M Leavey Captain 25 May 1994
D G Littlejohns, CBE Captain 7 August 1992
T J England Captain 20 April 1990
J A Marshall, LVO Captain 16 February 1988
I H Pirnie, ADC MA Captain 5 August 1986
R A Isaac Captain 17 August 1984
R V Holley Captain 31 July 1982
G G W Marsh, OBE MA Captain 2 June 1980
P G Hammersley, OBE Captain 9 May 1978
R G Baylis, OBE Captain 29 October 1975
W T Pillar Captain 31 May 1973
C P H Gibbon Captain 22 April 1971
D G Satow Captain 24 June 1969
N H Malim, MVO Captain 28 March 1967
W B S Milln, MVO Captain 26 October 1964
W T C Ridley, OBE Captain 30 August 1962
R C Paige Captain 30 July 1960
I G Aylen, OBE DSO Rear Admiral 7 July 1960
I G Aylen, OBE DSO Captain 7 August 1958
Sir John Walsham, Bt OBE Captain 26 May 1956
C Gatey, CBE Captain 19 December 1953
L A B Peile, DSO MVO Captain (E) 16 November 1951
J G C Given, CBE Captain (E) 5 November 1948
F V Stopford, ADC Captain (E) 6 November 1946
W D Brown, DSO Captain (E) 29 March 1944
B L G Sebastian, ADC Captain (E) 27 November 1941
C J G MacKenzie, CVO Engineer Captain 21 December 1938
T Spalding Engineer Captain 2 December 1936
R C Boddie, CVO DSO ADC Engineer Rear Admiral 12 September 1936
R C Boddie, CVO DSO ADC Engineer Captain 19 September 1933
E L D Acland, MVO ADC Engineer Captain 7 June 1930
A L Picton Engineer Captain 7 August 1927
E P St J Benn CB ADC Engineer Rear Admiral 11 April 1927
E P St J Benn CB ADC Engineer Captain 1 January 1925
R B Morison, CMG Engineer Captain 2 January 1922
H Lashmore, CB DSO Engineer Rear Admiral 13 September 1921
H Lashmore, CB DSO Engineer Captain 1 January 1920
H J T Marshall Captain 23 August 1918
G R Mansell, MVO Captain 14 September 1914
C G Taylor, MVO Engineer Captain 15 August 1913
L G Tufnell, CMG Captain 30 July 1908
T H M Jerram Rear Admiral 6 December 1905
R S Lowry Captain 6 December 1902
A E Tizard Commander 1 October 1900
H Talbot Commander 7 January 1898
A B Grenfell Commander 6 January 1895
T B Triggs Commander 7 January 1892
W D Morrish Commander 20 December 1885
W M Annesley Commander 20 December 1883
R W Hope Commander 1 June 1880


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